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Episode fifty seven

A Second Chance

Episode fifty six

Murder By The Seaside

Episode fifty five

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Part Two

Episode fifty four

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Part One

Episode fifty three

A Sexual Obsession

Episode fifty two

A Fresh Beginning

Episode fifty one

An Innocent Girl

Episode fifty

A Random Encounter

Episode forty nine

The Three Saddams

Episode forty eight

The Oldham Riots

Episode forty seven

A Girl On A Bike

Episode forty six

The Leeching Lord

Episode forty five

An Island Hideout

Episode forty four

The Rented Room

Episode forty three

A Terrible Revenge

Episode forty two

The Fox

Episode forty one

Look Away

Episode forty (part 2/2)

A Life of Violence

Episode thirty nine (part 1/2)

A Life of Violence

Episode thirty eight

Murder by Numbers

Episode thirty seven

The Gameshow Murderer

Episode thirty six

The Monster of Medomsley

Episode thirty five

A Double Suicide

Episode thirty four

A Deadly Intrusion

Episode thirty three

Who Killed Janet Murgatroyd?

Episode thirty two

The Undertaker's Wife

Episode thirty one

An Unwelcome Guest

Episode thirty

The Music Festival

Episode twenty nine

Susan Third Lived in Aberdeen

Episode twenty eight

Settling The Debt

Episode twenty seven

The Wedding Murders

Episode twenty six

The Welsh Serial Killer

Episode twenty five

The Guy Fawkes Murders

Episode twenty four

14 Days of Terror

Episode twenty three

A Triple Murder

Episode twenty two

The Art of Armed Robbery

Episode twenty one

The M50 Motorway Murder

Episode twenty

A Deadly Obsession

Episode nineteen

Losing Control

Episode eighteen

The Cinderella Killing

Episode seventeen

Suicide or Murder?

Episode sixteen

The Bogus Gasman

Episode fifteen

A Man in a Belfast Bar

Episode fourteen

The Corrupt Policeman

Episode thirteen

The Honeytrap

Episode twelve

A Charmed Life

Episode eleven

A Glasgow Feud

Episode ten

A Fatal Love Triangle

Episode nine

The Female Arsonist Killer

Episode eight

A Valentine's Day Murder

Episode seven

The Travolta Fantasist

Episode six

The Caribbean Holiday

Episode five

Colin Hatch - Pure Evil

Episode Four

The Husband Killer

Episode three

The Selfie Murderer

Episode two

The South Coast Ponzi Fraud

Episode one

The Babysitter Killing